Zander's Creations

Custom Design Service


3D model of ring design

3D model of ring design

I can custom design something unique to you with the help of your idea, or come up with something of our own.

Conveying your idea can be challenging if you are not blessed with an artistic drawing hand. Even sending pictures with your camera, or pictures from the internet will help.

Let me create you a family heirloom to pass down generation to generation.

Before any metal work is done, we will work with you to finalize a design. I will send CAD renderings of the actual piece we will be creating for you. These photos can be photo realistic, giving you a great idea what the final product will look like.


Computer Aided Manufacturing


First we take the 3d file we finalized after sending you a picture, and prepare it for printing or milling.

I utilize several machine technologies. For 3D printing I currently use Stuller for manufacturing most pieces I produce. I also use other American casting companies that have access to high end prototyping machines.


Metal Work

Before cleanup and polishing

Before cleanup and polishing

The piece of jewelry is taken from the casting and the beautification process begins.

I sand and polish each piece and then set any stones or assemble any required pieces.

A high polish is given and then I take pictures for your approval



Finished Pieces

I finish the pieces and send you pictures and any final payment invoices before we ship it out. You can see some of the custom pieces we have designed below in the gallery.

Pieces we have custom designed or made