Zander's Creations

3D computer aided design and manufacturing

technologyWayne CookComment

Zander's Creations utilizes computer aided design software from Gemvision. This has revolutionized our design capability and greatly improved quality of finished pieces. We are able to create new pieces much more efficiently than traditional hand carving or metal fabrication. Combining the old methods with the new allows us to make anything, only limited by our imagination. 

Additionally, with the purchase of a B9 Creator 3D printer, or casting houses which specialize in rapid prototyping we can send the computer file out to be casted in metal of our choice. Computer aided manufacturing has become very popular in the last decade due to various desktop 3D printers such as makerbot, B9 Creator, reprap and many many more. The price point of these machines has dramitcally reduced in the last 5 years due to technological advancements and innovation of very creative people.

The B9 Creator rivals machines 10x the cost allowing us to create high quality pieces we were previously using casting houses to complete for us. We will continue to invest in equipment like these to bring you the best designs that are out of this world!