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International DNA day

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April 25th is DNA day! In 1953 the double helical structure of the DNA was discovered by Francis Crick and James Watson.  This important date led to many new discoveries about our bodies and paved the way for the human genome project in the future. Source

Last year on that day, our DNA band was very popular and was posted on many various social networking websites. We designed that ring back in 2011 but the concept was made years before, when we first bought our 3D modeling software.  The ring below was the final result. You may click it to go to the products page. As a fan of science I felt the DNA symbolizes technology and wanted to capture this in a ring. The one we sell on our website here and are the only originals! 

This is one we submitted to the AGTA contest which did not place. Maybe next time :) Platinum and 18k gold DNA band with yellow diamonds x18

We have come up with many other concepts as well. Look through the gallery below. We can make things only limited by your imagination!  Much of these are for sale or will be shortly.